It’s Time To Ramble On

As I close in on the seventh year anniversary of my, originally six month journey, here to the Philippines, I find it an appropriate time to reflect and express my thanks to God for seeing me through for without Him I assure you I would not have survived. I also find it appropriate to close this volume and give my testimony of His grace and mercy in the form of a book. To those who have been intricate parts of this work, do not fear. I have no regrets and only thanks and love for each and every one. It has been a struggle in every sense, physically, emotionally, spiritually and a financial burden on many and for that I pray forgiveness. However, I hope for the words to express a story worthy of your praise and show the value each and everyone of you hold in my life and heart. Grace and love to you all. ~ R.A.T.

Life’s Turns, or, ‘Who’d ‘ve thunk’

It was just a passing thought at first. A fantasy even. Spawned by intense boredom, increasing frustration and lack of purpose combined with a boss who, after twenty plus years of support and having never traveled, up and left it all to fly to Haiti to see for herself. Yes, food for fodder. And I fed.

Philippines was not my first choice. After all, at the time it was my teeth that were of most concern and needed attention. A dental issue I have battled my whole life was screaming in my brain. Mexico was the first thought, but, drug cartels were not very welcoming as they were in my youth. Then my mind South. Literally and figuratively. Panama! Yes, Panama it would be, except the costs varied little. At least not enough to warrant the journey. More research was needed.

Having never traveled before and knowing only a few lines of Spanish, I had to be honest with myself, I needed help. Therefore I did what any sound minded (of which I wasn’t) middle aged single man at three am at work at a hotel desk in middle America would do.

“Tagged!” rang in my ear. Island girls from all over the world eagerly sound and caring advice. Very knowledgeable of their country and they speak English. Never mind the facts that they are all gorgeous, they all live in paradise and the price? Where else can you get a pizza, liter of beer, pack of smokes and  poolside room for $40. Did I mention the 24 hour tour guide?

So, Philippines it is!