A gift from a friend, RAT In Paradise is intended to be a platform to ‘state my case’ and tell my story and in doing so, find myself.

My name is Robert Allen Taylor. At 45 years of age I set out on a journey that would become something absolutely unintended a cost much more than  money. A journey that would change this man’s life inside and out. Herein I hope to express my thoughts and opinions as well as provide insight into an incredible culture and people I have come to adore and even come to call family.

A travel guide this is not. Rather, it may more be suited as a survival guide. An adventure none the less. A very difficult story to tell, I  can only pray I give it justice. My difficulty lies not in the story itself, but rather in showing the depth of love and respect to those  included without offense or misunderstanding, while relaying a truth about  how misconceptions can lead us astray and come frightening close to losing and destroying one’s life and relations if we allow.

However, with faith in God and belief in purpose, I pray it reveal above all the beauty and of a country and it’s people that is the Philippines.